Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Platform

PacBio Sequel IIe

The PacBio Sequel IIe is a single molecle sequencer, which enables the generation of very long reads. It can be run in continous long read (CLR) mode for ultralong reads (>100 kb) or in circular connsensus (CCS) mode for highly accurate long reads (> 10 kb). The PacBio sequencing technology currently has a higher cost per base than the illumina technology, but it offers some unique features, which enable e.g. more accurate genome assemblies.

Typical experiments that can be done on the PacBio Sequel IIe:

  • De novo sequencing of bacterial genomes (highly accurate finished genomes)
  • Re-sequencing of complex genomes (to resolve structural variants)
  • De novo sequencing of complex genomes (highly accurate finished genomes)
  • Amplicon re-sequencing (e.g. for HLA typing that includes complete haplotype phasing information)
  • Full-length transcript sequencing ("Iso-seq")
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